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The Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

Creating and curating content on social media is key to engaging with a targeted audience and developing business opportunities. Here are a few mistakes you should avoid: 

The Don’ts of Social Media Marketing 

  • Don’t neglect it. Once you start, there’s no turning back. It’s all hand on deck. Yes, it can require a lot of work and time, but it is essential for success. So make sure you give your social media pages all the time and attention it deserves. 
  • Don’t be so serious. Have some fun! If you enjoy the journey, then so will your followers. Get personal, connect, and  build a long- term relationship with your audience. 
  • Don’t rely on automation. Having scheduled posts can be nice when you are juggling a busy schedule, but don’t forget to keep an eye out on your social media channels for breaking news or events. By doing this you can avoid posting something that might be unintentionally insensitive. 
  • Don’t forget about metrics. Analyzing social media- related metrics is a great tool to maximize success. Metrics allows you to understand your audience and what they want, which helps you to maintain relevant content and a good relationship. 
  • Don’t be inconsistent. Consistency is everything!!! All your posts should complement each other and content should be tailored to what your platform is about. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Find your flow. Social media evolves all the time, so feel free to try out the new trends.

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