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AB Media USA offers digital marketing services for your business. As we are an online marketing solutions provider by excellency, we provide the widest range of marketing services for your company. With our full-service digital marketing, you can now turn your business into a fully online, future-proof enterprise.

AB Media has been on the market for 10 years. During this period, we have had over 100 successful business digitalization projects, with dozens more currently in the works! Our CEO boasts 17 years of National and International Marketing experience. Our team gathers only the most qualified marketing experts and brand advisors and managers and has obtained marketing certificates on multiple platforms, such as Google, Microsoft and Bing. What is more, we offer a comprehensive service, with complete solutions from Facebook and Google ads to email campaigns, from branding and PR to SEO optimization.

How digital marketing can grow your business

The modern customer now expects to receive a personalized customer experience every time they wish to buy a product. Did you know that 86% of customers are willing to pay higher prices on their products and service, simply because of receiving a better customer experience? In such a competitive market, it is crucial to stay up to date with a digital marketing strategy that can attract and retain customers while promoting the business image.


With a whopping 96% of customers finding out more about a brand online, the importance of having a perfect online image and digital strategy cannot be understated. A digital marketing plan can provide your company with a global reach, audience targeting, personalized offers for customers, and relatively low costs compared with traditional marketing.

What marketing services we offer

Our digital marketing team provides a myriad of online marketing services, website advertising services and various other online marketing solutions, such as:


Branding is the beginning of your company’s identity and image. A memorable brand, complete with an appealing logo and a familiar design is the key to making sure that your customers always remember you and associate your business with a familiar visual. Our creative branding services make sure your company brand fits your mission, your values, and your target audience and that your customers are always there to stay!


Social Media Management

The average internet user spends around two and a half hours every day on social media. With social media being such a great part of our lives, why not capitalize on this by making sure your company is present on the social media channels of all your potential and current customers? Our social media management services are capable of creating and managing your business accounts on Instagram, Facebook and many other social media platforms, as well as constantly creating new content to keep your audience engaged.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is one of the most successful marketing platforms, having transformed from a simple socializing medium to a place where goods and services can be promoted with great efficiency. Customers have grown to expect to be able to follow their favorite shop on Instagram and to see all the newest offers and products. Our Instagram marketing service delivers on its promise of keeping your clients engaged and happy, without your having to worry about creating new original content every day.


Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are the biggest and most successful digital social marketing medium. With unparalleled audience targeting and a total user base of almost 3 billion people, it is easy to see why Facebook Ads are one of the best ways to grow your business digitally. Our Facebook Ads management services take your business through the entire journey! From creating an ad, to optimizing its visuals and message, to broadcasting it to the most appropriate audience and optimizing and promoting the best performing ads, you can lay back and take care of the important things in your business, while letting the professionals ensure that your message reaches the online world and attracts customers.

Google Ads

With a 92% market share, Google is by far the most used search engine in the world and boasts up to 5.6 billion searches a day. With so many people interacting with Google on a daily basis, Google Ads are truly one of the most effective ways to make sure customers find out about your business just when they need your services the most. AB Media offers Google Ads management services in order to make sure that your business is always on top of the results of the Google searches of the customers who are most likely to use your product or service. Our services also constantly process analytics and make sure that your ads are always the best they can be and have stellar conversion rates!


Amazon PPC

Amazon is the biggest online retailer, accounting for around 40% of online sales in North America. With many different products to offer on the platform, the chances of ensuring your product is the one that customers choose can greatly be improved by using sponsored ads, or Amazon PPC. Our Amazon PPC services are aimed at winning PPC auctions and skyrocketing your product sales, all the while making sure you are never overpaying for Amazon clicks.

Email Marketing

Our email marketing service provides a regular and reliable connection between you and your customers. From writing engaging and concise newsletters, to informing your customers of your newest offers and activities, our team is here to secure a spot in your customers’ inbox and to guarantee that your clients will always be informed, yet never annoyed!



SEO services are the foundation of modern digital marketing. Our team boasts experts in SEO who always monitor your ads, websites and content and make sure that all of your online presence is optimized to appear in a search engine for customers with the most relevant searches. Your online presence is only the first part of your digital journey, but ensuring your company always appears in people’s searches is the true optimization needed to ensure maximum efficiency for your digitalized business!

PR & Media

AB Media offers PR services for building stellar relations between you and your customers. From opinion leaders, to lead generation and creating failproof marketing strategies and media channels, our Public Relations team makes sure your business looks as good as it can perform. Shine in your customers’ eyes, not only through your service, but through your impeccable image too!


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And what better way to convince yourself that you are making the right choice with AB Media than viewing our portfolio to explore the results we have already had with hundreds of satisfied customers? Check out everything from examples of branding projects and social media posts to analytics on the performance of our clients and let the numbers speak for themselves!

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