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A Guide to Restaurant Social Media Marketing

Looking up a restaurant on Instagram before trying it out for the first time is the new thing. Which is why social media is a crucial part in running a modern business. A social media strategy — whether it is as simple as always posting photos of your specials, or leveling up and promoting your posts — is a crucial part of your restaurant marketing strategy. 

Social media is important for restaurants because it provides information and opens communication with customers, gives your restaurant the opportunity to be found online, adds professionalism, and allows you to share your food.

Restaurant Social Media Marketing Guide

To create an online social media presence for your restaurant, follow these tips: 

  • Create a business profile on a number of social media pages for your restaurant. 
  • Use your restaurant logo and colors on your profiles so your page is easily remembered. 
  • Add a bio to each page you create and include your restaurant’s website, location, hours, menu, and contact information. 
  • Show what’s happening behind the scenes — restaurant goers love to see how the food is prepared in the kitchens, by doing this you can easily attract new guests with photos and videos on social media. 
  • Create a consistent voice — keep a clean and modern aesthetic while posting as many vibrant and mouth watering photos. 
  • Response to online review — both the good and bad, with a personal note addressing the reviewer’s comments. By doing this shows a transparent and friendly persona by the restaurant. 
  • Use social media to drive email newsletter signups, and throw in a coupon, birthday discount, or a free meal. 
  • User generated content, or UCG, is every restaurant’s best friend. This is a great way of guests showing their experience at your restaurant in a positive light — as well as a perfect way to connect with them and repost their experiences. 
  • Spotlight your employees — this can show guests that you care about your staff as individuals and you celebrate their skills and strengths. 
  • Ask questions to engage with followers — let your audience tell you what they love most about your restaurant, ask for their opinions, acknowledge their comments, and create a long- term relationship. 
  • Host social media contests — there are so many ways you can get your followers to engage with you. Contests are the perfect way to create quick wins for both your restaurant and your fans.
  • Spotlight your vendors — showcase the vendors who provide you with ingredients that make your food so amazing. 
  • Tell your customers the best ways to support your restaurant — this allows your to speak from the heart and address that business isn’t as usual as it once was (especially after COVID-19).

Restaurants are all about good food, community, and happy moments. Let your audience know that you are ready to serve them and provide them a good time.

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