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Five Tips For Travel Agencies Using Social Media

Information and real- life experiences on social media have become the reason behind every decision we make. 

Especially when it comes to traveling; 

Tickets get booked after learning about a place on Instagram, names of new restaurants are saved after seeing someone elses post, to- do lists are made after, and more. 

This is why it is essential for travel agencies using social media to have high-quality content on their accounts. Here are five tips to effectively use social media: 

  1. Post pictures of fabulous destinations that will make hearts skip a beat and inspire travel

  2. Share advice and tips to establish that your brand is knowledgeable 
  3. Ask questions and create polls that are travel related to learn more about what people want 
  4. Share images from your staff’s own travel to highlight the personal experience 
  5. Extend your engagement by using trending hashtags 

Travelling nowadays has truly changed, people want to see and know everything! So don’t be shy to give the people what they want!

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