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UX and UI Design

Let’s learn about the difference between UX and UI.

Both terms are often used interchangeably but mean two very different things.

So, before we start talking about the differences, let’s first understand what they mean.

UX design refers to “user experience design” and UI refers to “user interface design”.

User experience design (UX) is the human first- approach to any product design, whether it is a physical or digital product. Its focus is the full experience from the moment a user is in contact with that product to the very last. UX creates structural design solutions to help support any issues or points users may encounter during their journey with the product. Lastly, UX results in happy users with positive experiences with the product. 

User interface design (UI) is the human first- approach to creating an aesthetic experience of only digital products. It mainly focuses on visual touchpoints and creating an interactive and intriguing experience for users, with a combination of design, color palettes, buttons, animations, and imagination. UI results in digital products that delight users. 

Let’s learn about the difference between UX and UI.

Now the difference between them…

To keep things simple, UX design comes first in the process of developing a new product. And, its overall focus is about the practice, such as the feel, look, and the user’s experience. Whereas UI design comes second and is about keeping things creative and aesthetically pleasing. UI design is specific to the interfaces of the product and the digital functions. 

Do they work together?


UX and UI work very closely together. 

Although UX design comes first in the process, yet it is impossible to move forward without UI design. They are a complement to each other, and crucial tools in today’s competitive market.  

Together, they create products that promote delightful experiences for all users. 

Understanding UX and UI can be a long and confusing task, and hopefully this blog has helped you. 

Also, a friendly reminder that AB Media USA has years of experience with UX/ UI design. So, if you have questions and concerns, or wish to develop a product and want to learn more about it. Please feel free to talk to us about it today!

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