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Digital Marketing Trends to Follow Now

Every organization needs to be informed of future developments because digital marketing is one industry that is constantly changing. In 2022, if you are not up on the most recent developments in digital marketing, you will fall behind.

Digital marketing can be viewed as the means by which customers find and interact with your company. Over 80% of buyers, according to recent studies, research a product or service online before making a purchase, and that percentage may rise even higher in 2022.

You can keep one step ahead of the competition if you know what is effective and how to use digital marketing to your benefit.

Here are five digital marketing ideas for 2022 that your company should consider implementing:

Here are five digital marketing ideas for 2022 that your company should consider implementing:

TikTok Takeover

A new social media platform seizes youth culture every few years. There was Myspace twenty years ago and Facebook fifteen years ago. Five years ago, Instagram was popular. It is TikTok today.

You’ve probably heard something by now about TikTok and how it’s dominating the youth market. Over 500 million people will be using TikTok by 2020, and the platform is expanding tremendously quickly.

What distinguishes TikTok from websites like Facebook and Instagram? The amusement value is what makes it. The majority of TikTok uploads center on short pieces of comedy, music, or specialized interests. Sharing is not possible, and while comments are allowed, their influence is not as great as it is on other platforms.


In the past, influence was inversely correlated with fame. Only well-known celebrities were permitted to feature in commercials.

That started to change, though, as social media grew in popularity. The growth of Kylie Jenner’s $700 million beauty empire demonstrates how a company may expand based on the trust and influence of social media.

In today’s world, it is now much easier to have an impact on a group of individuals. Anyone who has between 2000 and 50,000 social media followers is considered a micro-influencer.

Today, a lot of people develop a following based on particular interests or even just by themselves. Because they are often authorities on their particular field and are much more linked to their audience, these micro-influencers can be useful for marketing (e.g., fitness, fashion, or 

Businesses can provide simpler targeting for test audiences for those looking to collaborate with micro-influencers. By participating in some paid sponsorships, you can expand the audience for your brand or business.

Live Streaming Content

Online streaming is arguably the other major development in entertainment, after social networking. Currently, 80% of American consumers pay for streaming video services.

There is a huge selection of streaming video available thanks to firms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO, and soon AppleTV+ and Disney+.

The number of streaming subscriptions overtook cable television for the first time in 2017 in terms of volume.

Video game broadcasting platforms like Twitch and YouTube gaming are growing alongside the rise of entertainment companies. Today, Twitch’s platform has over 15 million daily viewers.

A long-form daily entertainment option to mainstream entertainment is video game streaming. Twitch streams are watched by some viewers for more than five hours per day. Live chat’s interactive nature keeps viewers interested and greatly increases brand trust with the individual streamers.

It is important for advertisers hoping to profit to keep an eye on this streaming trend as its potential increases.

The number of streaming subscriptions overtook cable television for the first time in 2017 in terms of volume.

Messenger Apps and Chatbots

One notable cultural change that has occurred over the past fifteen years is the move from phoning to messaging. Getting someone to pick up the phone is much more difficult than getting them to respond to a message. In the United States, daily message sending averages over 26 million.

It was inevitable that text messaging would enter the business world given this significant change in human behavior. Text messaging is now used by businesses to advertise their services, confirm appointments, and communicate delivery information.

Additionally, chatbots are becoming increasingly widely used. Chatbots can handle crucial tasks for clients on platforms like Facebook Messenger. These duties could entail providing information, responding to frequently requested queries, and confirming reservations. In addition to increasing business productivity, this also improves customer service.

Social Media Story Ads

Snapchat introduced a brand-new function called Stories in October 2013. Sharing quick videos and photographs of ordinary activities became a key component of the app’s popularity.

Instagram made a startling shift when it introduced stories to the platform in August 2016. Instagram Stories was mocked at first as a copy, but it quickly established itself as a main feature of the network. By 2017, there were 100 million daily users of Instagram Stories, and by 2019, travel).There were over 400 million.

Instagram introduced Instagram Reels in 2020 as a response to TikTok’s growing popularity, providing quick video music segments.

Ironically, fewer users are using the main stream now that Instagram Stories are so popular. However, the increased interest in Instagram Stories also presents a marketing opportunity. There are now Story advertising on Instagram and Facebook that may be used to draw attention to your brand.

Instagram and Facebook’s video-based ads can run for a maximum of 15 seconds, while photo ads are limited to 5 seconds. Because the commercials are incorporated into ordinary Instagram Stories, they frequently receive significant levels of engagement.

Story Ads are worth watching in the next years and may surpass their predecessor in popularity

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