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Algorithms… say no more

What is the Instagram algorithm? 

Why aren’t followers seeing my content? 

Two of the many golden questions we ask about Instagram, yet find very few answers. 

However, just recently Instagram explained how its algorithm works. In their post, we learn that each part of Instagram – Feed, Explore, Stories, Reels – uses its own algorithm that is tailored to how people use the app. 

In other words, it’s all about the details! There are simple and specific signals that Instagram uses in order of importance: 

  1. Information about the post. These are signals that show the popularity of the post – like how many people liked it, when it was posted, the information about the content itself, location, etc.  
  2. Information about the person who posted. This helps Instagram get a sense for how interesting the person might be to you, and includes signals like how many times people have interacted with that person. 
  3. Activity. This helps Instagram understand what you might be interested in and includes signals such as how many posts you have liked.
  4. Your history of interacting with someone. This gives Instagram a sense of how interested you are generally in seeing posts from a particular person. 

With these four simple strategies, Instagram is able to make predictions that create algorithms for each of us. We hope that our blog will help you beat the instagram algorithm and save time managing your social media. Thank you for reading!

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