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Improve your business with contemporary approach to sales & market retention. Build your own products, expand your performance through social media and e-commerce, create strong PR strategy, research new opportunities on global markets

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Our Marketing Services


Create a memorable image of your business through strong branding concept and identity. Bright personalization of a brand causes good brand recognition and high trust level for customers.

Social Media Marketing

Bring your business and products to social networks – it helps to gain new target audiences, to build new stable distribution channel and to raise public status of a company.

Ads & Promotion

Boost your sales with advertisement campaigns. Start selling with Google AdWords and Facebook Ads platforms, highlight your website in search with qualified SEO performance, launch e-mail marketing campaigns to increase a coverage and keep customer loyalty on top level.

Marketing research

Find new opportunities and ways to grow and expand within local and global markets. Compare your products with top competitors and market trends, learn new best practicies of your business field.

Geofence Marketing

Reach people when they are around a specific location. Target potential customers based on their real-time location, on location history, on consumer lifestyle and interests.

PR & Media

Build fundamental relationships and company standards through selected media channels. Make your brand shine at customers' eyes, turn your offers to a dream with opinion leaders.
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