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AB Media USA offers web and mobile development services for your business. We ensure the most up to date, functional and appealing PC and mobile versions for websites, as well as mobile apps, to skyrocket your company’s online presence.
AB Media has been on the market for 10 years. During this period, we have had over 100 successful business digitalization projects, with dozens more currently in the works! Our CEO boasts 17 years of National and International Marketing experience. Our team gathers only the most qualified experts and software developers and has obtained software development certificates on multiple platforms, such as Google, Microsoft and Bing. What is more, we offer a comprehensive service, with complete solutions from websites to apps, from design and development to continuous service and support.

What Development Services We Offer

We offer a wide range of development services so that your company’s online presence is completely taken care of! In digitalizing your website, there is nothing more important than making sure your potential clients have a wide range of possibilities to interact with your business. From a well-thought-out website to a fully-fledged mobile app, we can make sure your customers will never run out of options to access your services from wherever in the world. We provide:

Our Digital Services

UI & UX Design

UI and UX Design services are some of the most crucial for your online presence and they represent the basis of your website. We offer UI&UX Design service for your web or mobile presence, as well as typographic projects. The UI, or User Interface, refers to all the aspects of visual design that clients interact with on your website. From the buttons and layout of the website, to the animations and design of the website or app, the UI is what the customers see and interact with. Our vetted experts are ready to create a pleasant, inviting and fluent UI over all of your websites and apps, so that your business image is immediately recognizable. The UX, or User Experience, is the process that makes sure that your website is relevant and meaningful to its users. It is the underlying process of structuring and strategizing your online presence and includes aspects such as competitor analysis, wireframing, prototyping, analytics and much more. Does this all sound complicated? Not to worry, leave all the technical details to our team and enjoy the final polished product that will be sure to make your clients feel right at home on your website.

Web development

Nowadays, the most important business card of your company is your website. It fulfils your every need, from marketing and advertising to functionality and product or service provision. With your website, you want to make sure you are visible and you have a channel of servicing your customers in a way that works. This is why our web development services are the best solution for your company. We provide a full website development solution, complete with eCommerce development, implementation of various elements depending on your need, such as product order & delivery, a responsive and attractive design and continuous support and maintenance.

Mobile apps AB Media USA – Digital Marketing Agency | Development AB Media USA – Digital Marketing Agency | Development

Did you know that in 2021, almost 73% of eCommerce purchases were done through a mobile phone? For this reason, it is essential that your business caters to mobile phone users through a mobile app. AB Media develops professional and functional mobile apps for companies for both Android and iOS devices. This way, you can elevate your brand with fun, appealing and exciting mobile apps. What is more, our mobile app development services do not stop at simple, standard apps. Our apps go through an ample design and development process so that you can enjoy the best type of app for your business. Be it a corporative or eCommerce app, a game or a custom project, our talented developer team is ready to fulfil all your mobile presence needs.

Why choose AB Media?

  • The perfect business partner for digitalizing your company
  • Talented development and design team
  • Comprehensive and complete service
  • We handle everything from UI and UX design, to websites and mobile apps
  • Adaptability and the possibility to create custom projects
  • Continuous support and maintenance for long-term service


Is your mind already running wild with the limitless possibilities of expanding your company with beautiful and functional websites and apps? Then take a look at our portfolio to see examples of the results of our development services provided to hundreds of clients over the years! From beautiful designs to all the functionalities you could ever need, check out our works so you can be sure that we are ready to provide for your company’s every need.

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Solve all your content challenges today with a team of seasoned professionals! Make sure you have the best image for your clients and that you make full use of all the digital world has to offer. Contact us now and take your business from offline to online with AB Media!
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